Top 5 Most Popular, Hottest and Gorgeous Malay Female Bloggers in Malaysia

Aku dapat information ini dari :- http://syokkahwin.com/blog

A model, previously on MALAYSIAN DREAMGIRL competition. She also has a gorgeous sister called Sis Liana. She blogs about: Life, hair, nails and fashion.

Quote: Bila kamu jadi pengikut saya (black metal), kamu akan appear di sidebar saya. Deal? Deal.

Alexa’s ranking: 352,831

Red-hot mom who likes things red. She blogs about: Life, fashion and whatever in her mind..

Quote: Pencinta Merah…The Red Lover…The Red Diva…

Alexa’s ranking: 372,834

nurul izzah - http://www.nurulizzah.com/ (Puteri Reformasi)

She blogs about: Freedom of self-expression, reformation of MALAYSIA, Anwar Ibrahim and PKR

Quote: Berjuang Untuk Warga Lembah Pantai

Alexa’s ranking: 400,234

Co-host of Teman, a travelogue on 8TV, before being replaced by Melissa Maureen. Tangisan Bulan Madu, Ritma Kampus, Intan Asmara are amongst the telemovies she starred in.

She blogs about: Her achievements in drama, telemovies and appearances in local and international publications

Quote: Bruneian-born actress, model and host who found fame in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Alexa’s ranking: 3.4 million

♥ She’s growing up, making mistakes and learning from them ♥ . Lady Kiki is a sweet lass from Kuching, Sarawak.
She blogs about: Her friends, food, life and fashion

Quote: The Name of Love.. MENCINTAI… BUKANlah bagaimana kamu melupakan, melainkan bagaimana kamu MEMAAFKAN. BUKANlah bagaimana kamu mendengarkan, melainkan bagaimana kamu MENGERTI. BUKANlah apa yang kamu lihat, melainkan apa yang kamu RASAKAN. BUKANlah bagaimana kamu melepaskan, melainkan bagaimana kamu BERTAHAN.

Alexa’s ranking: 3.9 mil

23 years old Penangite claimed thats she does so many things as her life career which are as setiausaha, penjual lontong, penulis blog, free-lance make-up artist and also singer.
Quote : Doesnt matter how many times u drop down and hurt, just remember to get up and start running again each time you fall! Share some love, food and knowledge.
Jumie's ranking : - BERIBU-RIBU LEMON!
ps/ Aku menulis bukan kerna nama! Share some love, food and knowledge. Love is about sharing.


  1. hye jumie.. congratulation!!

    tak sangka kita pun termasuk dlm top itu.. huhu

  2. bila kita menulis degan ikhlas... ada yang datang bergolek....

  3. wah..cayalah..congratss la jumie..pas ni ble wat entry yang lagi meletop


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