Senarai Filem Tentang Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

U olls tau tak apa itu Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD)?  Dalam bahasa Kak Merr, ASD ni bukanlah satu penyakit tapi something yang berlaku pada seorang maknusia itu dari peringkat baby lagi yang membuatkan dia sedikit lain dari individu lain. Antara aspek yang u olls boleh tengok kelainan dia adalah dari segi perhubungan sosial sesama maknusia lain,  mempunyai kecenderungan minat mendalam yang terhad dan suka ulang-ulang. 

Allah cipta maknusia ni macam-macam jenih.  Ada yang baik,  yang jahat,  yang cantek,  yang tak cantek,  yang pirasyat,  yang dengki,  yang suka bawak cerita bagi orang bergadoh dan ada orang yang suka buat ramai!!  Benda kecik-kecik pun dia buat ramai.  Oleh itu kita semua,  janganla jadi macam kera sumbang sampai tak tau nak bercampuk dengan orang.  Sapa pun orang itu,  dia pun hamba Allah macam kita.  Respek la u olls ok! 

Awat la akak tiba-tiba mengamok over ni?  Hari ini marilah kita melihat sesuatu yang akak cilok dari website Autism Research Institute tentang movies yang dibuat tentang manusia yang mempunyai ASD.  Ada yang akak dah tingok,  ada yang belum u olls.  So haruslah akak akan mengdonlod muvie-muvie ini nanti! 

Movies Featuring Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) - taken from Autism Research Institute Website

My Name is Khan

Released: 2010
Rizwan Khan (Shahrukh Khan) is a Muslim child who grew up with his brother Zakir and his mother in a middle class family in Mumbai. Rizwan is different from other children as he has autism. However, he has certain gifts, particularly a special ability to repair things. His difference leads to special tutoring from a reclusive scholar and extra attention from his mother, all which leads to a heightened level of jealousy from his brother Zakir.

Mozart and The Whale

Stars: Josh Hartnett, Radha Mitchell
Released: 2005
Director: Peter Naess
Length: 94 Minutes
A love story between two savants with Asperger's syndrome whose social disparities sabotage their budding relationship. This film is based on the story of Jerry and Mary Newport.

I Am Sam - akak SANGAT REKEMEN!!

Stars: Sean Penn, Dakota Fanning, Michele Pfeiffer
Released: 1998
Director: Harold Becker
Length: 108 Minutes
The story of an autistic man living independently and functioning well in the real world until his life changes drastically when he becomes a father and is left to care for his small child.

The Other Sister - akak sangat REKEMEN

Stars: Juliette Lewis, Dianne Keaton, Giovanni Ribisi
Released: 1999
Director: Garry Marshall
Length: 127 Minutes
A girl with many autistic traits proves herself capable of living independently when she moves into an apartment and starts college.

Mercury Rising

Stars: Bruce Willis, Alec Baldwin, Miko Hughes
Released: 1998
Director: Harold Becker
Length: 108 Minutes
A brilliant 9-year-old autistic boy becomes a target for assassins after he breaks a top government code. An undercover FBI agent finds the boy hiding in his closet and protects him.


Stars: David Hewlett, Julian Richings, Helen Holloway
Released: 1997
Director: Vincenzo Natali
Length: 91 Minutes
This low-budget science-fiction drama, winner of a 1997 Toronto Film Festival prize for "Best Canadian First Feature," depicts the plight of a group of people clad in prison-style uniforms and trapped in futuristic cube-like metal cells. One of the prisoners is Kazan, an autistic man.

Forest Gump - akak sangat rekemen!!

Stars: Tom Hanks, Sally Field, Robin Wright-Penn, Gary Sinise
Released: 1994
Director: Robert Zemeckis
Length: 135 Minutes
A best-picture winner presenting a comical view of the American experience from the 1940s to the 1980s as seen through the eyes of a man with some autistic traits.

What's Eating Gilbert Grape? - akak sangat rekemen!!

Stars: Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio, Juliette Lewis, Mary Steenburgen
Released: 1993
Director: Lasse Hallstrom
Length: 118 Minutes
Gilbert Grape lives in a small town where nothing much happens. The town's most interesting resident is Gilbert's autistic brother Arnie.

Little Man Tate

Stars: Dianne Weist, Harry Connick, Jr.
Released: 1991
Director: Jodie Foster
Length: 118 Minutes
Fred is a genius with many Aspberger's traits. His mother, Dede is determined to protect Fred from opportunists who wish to exploit his intellect. An interesting insight into the emotions of a child with autistic traits.

Backstreet Dreams

Stars: Brooke Shields, Sherilyn Fenn, Tony Fields, Burt Young, Anthony Franciosa
Released: 1990
Director: Rupert Hitzig
Length: 104 Minutes
A gangster, with apparent mafia connections, winds up taking care of his autistic son. The child displays many autistic behaviors, such as social withdrawal, does not speak, and rocks. A graduate student decides to help the child as well as help the father leave the mafia.

House of Cards

Stars: Asha Menina, Kathleen Turner, Tommy Lee Jones, Esther Rolle
Released: 1993
Director: Michael Lessac
Length: 107 Minutes
A bright, young girl withdraws soon after her father is killed by falling off a cliff. She believes that by withdrawing socially and climbing tall structures, she will reunite with her father who she believes is near the moon. She exhibits many autistic characteristics, such as insistence on sameness, good coordination, lack of social interaction, and no language. At the end of the movie, the mother builds a circular tower which is similar to a tower the child built from playing cards. The mother climbs the tower with her daughter, and the girl comes out of her autistic-like state.

Killer Diller

Stars: Lucas Black, Fred Willard, William Lee Scott, Ashley Johnson
Released: 2004
Director: Tricia Brock
Length: 107 Minutes
A guitar playing car thief meets an autistic savant piano player, and together they transform a group of reluctant halfway house convicts into The Killer Diller Blues Band

Rain Man - akak sangat rekemen!!

Stars: Dustin Hoffman, Tom Cruise, Valeria Golino
Released: 1988
Director: Barry Levinson
Length: 140 Minutes
A car dealer returns to his boyhood home soon after learning about his father's death. His father left a large sum of money to a benefactor, who he later discovers is left to his autistic brother, Raymond. Raymond was institutionalized soon after his mother's death because of the fear that he might accidentally hurt his younger brother. Raymond has many autistic features, such as perseverations, insistence on sameness, rocking, self-injury, and savant abilities. Throughout the movie, the car dealer gets to know his brother during a cross-country car trip. (Dr. Rimland was the technical advisor on this movie ).

The Pit

Stars: Sammy Snyders, Richard Alden, Jeannie Elias, Laura Hollingsworth
Released: 1981
Director: Lew Lehman
Length: 97 Minutes
Twelve year-old Jamie Benjamin (Sammy Snyder) is a misunderstood lad. His classmates pick on him, his neighbors think he's weird and his parents ignore him. But now Jamie has a secret weapon: deep in the woods he has discovered a deep pit full of man-eating creatures he calls Trogs...and it isn't long before he gets an idea for getting revenge and feeding the Trogs in the process!

The Boy Who Could Fly

Stars: Jay Underwood, Lucy Deakins, Fred Savage, Colleen Dewhurst, Fred Gwynne, Louise Fletcher
Released: 1986
Director: Nick Castle
Length: 114 Minutes
A teenager with autism is sent to live with his uncle after his parents die in an airplane crash. The teenager exhibits many features of autism such as social withdrawal, no languge, and stereotypic behaviors. A girl who lives in a house next door befriends the teenager. Initially, she becomes his friend, but later she becomes his tutor. After much one-on-one contact, the teenager becomes more aware of other people and starts to show emotions. Because of his uncle's alcohol problem, the teenager is sent to an institution. At the end of the movie, the teenager flew away to avoid being institutionalized.


  1. salam... tahuun lepas ada wat research pasal autism nie sebab buat presentation pasal nnie.. lau tau pasall movie2 nie leh masukkan skali.. apa pun nice info.. tq.. :D

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  2. jumieeeee!
    mak nak nangis dah tengok senarai movie ni. akan ku cari satu persatu.

  3. Nanti Jet Li pun ade berlakon dalam filem yg pasal autism gak.


    i'm working with Kits4Kids.
    School/Training centre for special children like ASD & ADHD.
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  4. Jumie,
    before this akak juz a silent reader to your blog tapi kali ni akak nak tabik spring kat Jumie sebab buat entry about autism...
    I know someone yang autism dan dari blog Jumie ni wat org yang baca tau apa autism...

  5. Thanks semua for the comment..belog saya ini seimbang. Kalau boleh semua aspek dia nak kupas. Boleh???

    Thanks semua sebab sudi share info.

  6. Boleh tak aku blom tengok I Am Sam lagi. Dari dulu carik movie ni tak jumpaaa! TENSEN.

    Banyak my fav movie ada dalam list ni :p

  7. Jangan la nangis akak...kita carik sama sama ok


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