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Hello u olls.  Marilah kita berkenalan dengan Personaliti Bulan Ini belog akak.  Nama beliau ialah Wand (BUNYI WAN DI).  U olls kalau perasan beliau merupakan ahli kumpulan Colabr8 yang pernah masuk Gangstarz tak lama dulu.  Dia ni kawan lama akak sejak zaman muda mudi dulu.  Kelesss nyah!  Akak dulu pun hip hop okay.  Sekarang akak hip hop light-light jahhh.  HAHAHA.  Untuk pengetahuan u olls,  Wand kini bergerak solo dan dia baru saja mengeluarkan satu single yang berjudul Cruisin.  Berikut adalah wawacanra akak dengan dia.  Hope u olls dapat support kawan akak ini.  Muah!

  1. Nama betul  ?
    Muhd Hazwan Jasmi

  2. Nama komersial?
    Some call me Dikwan but my stage name is WAND

  3. Umur?  Tarikh lahir?
    Im 24.. born on DEC 15 1986

  4. Asal?
    Born and raise in PENANG!

  5. Now lokasi di mana?
    My current city is now Kuala Lumpur.

    Masa Gangstraz u olls.
  6. Boleh bagitau sedikit pasai pengalaman masa kat Gangstarz?  Macam mana u guys buleh masok?  Sampai peringkat mana?
    Gangstarz, hmmm it was fun and ya i do gain lots of experience entering the show.4 months there, It helps me to improve on my vocals and attitude basically. My view in the music industry also has completely change after joining Gangstarz because previously i was comfortable and arrogant in my own HIP HOP world not knowing that the music industry doesnt evolve around me, ALONE. For the show, actually we made it quite far, we manage to reach the semi finals, and for a hiphop group to reach semis, it was kinda awesoomeee... :)

  7. Sejak bila minat music?
    Music was in my blood since i was in my mamas womb:) ! I love music, whether its Hiphop or even to Jazz. Ive started singing since i was eight when i won 1st runner up for this talent comp held at my school so i guess starting from there the will to become a performer develops in me.

  8. Why do you choose hiphop?  Dan sampai lani masih stick to that music?  Why?
    i choose hiphop music not just because of the music itself, its also because of the culture that it brings. It really effects my life, as an individual as well as a performer. Hip hop era were in malaysia since 98' and i was doing hiphop since 2000, im still here, with my Newera fullcap and will always produce hiphop music cause it is one of the ways for me to express myself, to be who i am.

  9. What do you think about Malaysian Hiphop scene?
    Hip hop scene in malaysia is small but im proud to be in it because a lot of efforts to revive it back. I can see that all the cats are supporting each other and showing love. Its coming back and will blast!
  10. Siapa idola u dalam music?
    I only have one idol which is my mum, but i can say that Q-tip really has influenced me in Hiphop. Go check his music...

  11. Back tu soalan kerjaya u dalam bidang music,  can u tell us more about the new single CRUISIN?
    Crusin' is a single that has been done after 2 years layin low from doing music. its a shout out to my lovely city Penang. Its a mixture of hiphop and rnb melody that i hope that can penetrate to all type of music listeners. The lyrics is layback, chill with a mix of Malay and English language.

  12. Apa harapan u tentang lagu tu?
    This song is the starting point for me to make a comeback to the scene. i hope that everyone will listen and groove to it. i would also appreciate peoples feedback whether its good or bad. Hope it can be a hit on the radios!
Ucapan untuk pembaca Belog Jumie Samsudin :
Supp everyone, im WAND, i hope ya'll will always be supporting Hiphop music, and help me to spread hiphop,  especially from peeps in PNG city. Spread the song and stay chill... thats the way to overcome any obstacles ahead of you.
To miss jumie. you'll always be my best friend, i will always got ur back even we're far from each other. I love you bestie

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So u olls semua,  terimalah lagu daripada Wand yang berjudul Cruisin.  Sorry video ni macam simple sangat.  Akak buat untuk senang u olls nak dengar.  Kalau sapa-sapa nak lagu ni,  sila YM akak.


  1. nak facebook dia. dah lost contact thru myspace sbb dah delete myspace haha

  2. OMH Wan. HAHAHHAAH! Teringat satu kisah pasal dia. Hmm..Nevermind. Haha. Anyway entry ni buat kami teringat zaman hip hop pi gigs dulu. Zaman hampa, Wan semua dok perform. Hehehehe :p

  3. haaaaaaa....member lamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


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