Take on a new style, revamp your wardrobe! @ USM International Bazaar 2011

Dear fashionistas,

We love to begin our days with choosing a statement outfit to go out and challenge the world in. Boost that confidence and look stunningly great in the latest fashion we're bringing to you! ...and it definitely wont burn a hole in your pocket too :)

We're having a sale of all the beautiful things on the latest fashion trends, you name it - colorful shawls, latest hijab fashion, inners, dresses, chic tops, stylish skirts, EVERYTHING! If you're looking for that right time to take on a new refreshing style or in a need to replenish your wardrobe, come and visit us at USM FESTIVAL OF NATIONS -INTERNATIONAL BAZAAR.  And it comes with fashion consultation - absolutely FREE!

When: Saturday, 15 October 2011
Where: Tapak Pesta Konvo

Hope to see you there!

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