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Come and check out GEBU HALUS 2016 Raya Collection. Limited edition of baju kurung Kedah and baju kurung modern from GEBU HALUS yang diperbuat daripada kain Indian Cotton. With more than 20 selections of design. Each design / patterns hanya ada 3 hingga 4 pasang sahaja. Sizes available are S, M and L only.


Prices :

Baju kurung kedah = RM 239 sepasang

Baju kurung moden = RM 289 sepasang


Visit Gebu Halus booth at The Curve near to Metrojaya.
Open from 10.00 am to 10.00pm every day.
Available from 10th June 2016 until 10th July 2016


Visit Gebu Halus on social media :

IG : @gebuhalus
FB : www.facebook.com/gebuhalus


Kuih Kacang Mazola in Special Hamper

Kuih Kacang Mazola in Special Hamper RM25 (including decorations). 

 Suitable for all occasions. Colours can be discussed.

Jom order!!

For more info,  please click here  :  http://www.facebook.com/KuihKacangJumie

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