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Come and check out GEBU HALUS 2016 Raya Collection. Limited edition of baju kurung Kedah and baju kurung modern from GEBU HALUS yang diperbuat daripada kain Indian Cotton. With more than 20 selections of design. Each design / patterns hanya ada 3 hingga 4 pasang sahaja. Sizes available are S, M and L only.


Prices :

Baju kurung kedah = RM 239 sepasang

Baju kurung moden = RM 289 sepasang


Visit Gebu Halus booth at The Curve near to Metrojaya.
Open from 10.00 am to 10.00pm every day.
Available from 10th June 2016 until 10th July 2016


Visit Gebu Halus on social media :

IG : @gebuhalus
FB : www.facebook.com/gebuhalus


Damai Souq @ KL | Welcoming Shoppers and Vendors!

Dear all,

Saya nak tolong promote event yang dipanggil Damai Souq.  Souq dalam bahasa Arab bermaksud pasar.  So...Damai Souq ni maksud dia Pasar Damai la :) Gitu.  Telah beroperasi sejak 21 September yang lalu,  dan akan beroperasi setiap hujung minggu dari jam 10 pagi hingga 7 malam.  Here are the simple words daripada pihak penganjur :

Damai Souq has started on 21 &22 September 2013 and will continue to go on every weekend.  We are proudly bringing in at least 40 vendors. The vendors come from different background and business upbringing. Hence shoppers from all over can shop to their interest. Shoppers can find stuff from women/mens apparel, accessories, DIY stuffs, local brands and others. We have located few F&B booth for those with homemade foodstuff too.
There will be few activities to add on to the bazaar. We will list down the activities from time to time. It will involve ex-athletes, local performance and buskers too. We appreciate those who want to join us at Damai Souq @ KL to contact us via email at contactus@damaisouqkl.com. To all shoppers and youth, do drop by at our bazaar every weekend starting from 21 & 21 September 2013 to meet and greet the business owner and obviously to shop too!

Oleh itu,  kepada para peniaga online yang ada di KL ataupun orang orang dari Luar KL yang ingin berniaga di Damai Souq...sila layari Page Facebook Damai Souq di sini and sign up segera  :  https://www.facebook.com/damaisouq

 And to all yang suka shopping dan jalan-jalan,  jangan lupa mai support Damai Souq and support business usahawan-usahawan online kita.  Lani business online memang offer macam-macam business dan pilihan untuk kita,  kalau dapat beli secara terus kat event ni mesti boleh dapat offer yang lebih best!

So here are some of the pictures taken from the first bazaar!

DamaiSouq@KL first bazaar

Updated last Tuesday
It was our soft opening. the first ever bazaar held at our permanent hub. yaaaayyy :)

p/s picture taken during the 2 days opening and yes with part of the vendors. sorry tak sempat amik gamba semo vendors, it was hot and admin semo busy! :) nevertheless we thanked all vendors for being part of the family during the opening week. you guys are rawwwkk!

Kalau i kat KL I pi dahhh!!!!

Jumie Samsudin

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