RTW Dresses, Kebaya Kimono Cardigan and Shawls by @TejaaCouture

Hello peoples yang amat suka window shopping!

Hari ini i olls nak promo satu lagi website yang menjual READY-TO-WEAR (RTW) dresses,  kebaya kimono cardigan and shawls iaitu @Tejaacouture.  Web based depa adalah IG,  so lani semua orang tengok instagram je kan.  So haruslah u olls check out IG @TejaaCouture ni.

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Flare skirts!

Seriously cantik!

Available in 5 colors






Fits waist 24 to 35 inch. Made from high quality Satin Chamuse

RM99 (SM) RM109 (SS)

Pastel Shawls! 

 This shawls are custom made ya, bukan ambil dari kilang. Picked from best and high quality materials and mostly rare colors. 

Available in 6 colors

Off white

Yellow mustard

Hot maroon

Dusty green

dusty grey

Dusty purple

Measurement standard shawls 1.5M x 0.5M

 Normal Price RM40 (SM) RM45 (SS)

Kebaya Kimono

Available colors for Kebaya Kimono Cardigan. 





RM65 (SM) RM70 (SS)


*KebayaKimono has sold out.  But will be restock soon.  SO STAY TUNED at @tejaacouture.  
To purchase or queries : Whatsapp +60124926986 

How to style the Kebaya Kimono Cardigan

You can wear it with dokoh (kerongsang bertingkat-tingkat) and tadaaa, nampak sweet and elegant. Pair it with plain kain, or kain batik, or even midi skirt pun confirm nampak cantik. Oh bukan! Memang confirm cantik! Then you can wear it like very casual, pakai dgn jeans or printed pants pun boleh. Boleh tuck in, jadi macam blouse, boleh leave it out and simpulkan macam reben tu, like one of our girl did! So cute I tell you. Actually macam-macam cara boleh pakai our signature Kebaya Kimono Cardigan ni, pakai loose it like that macam cardigan pun menarik, pakai belt on top of it ala ala kimono pun cun. Ikut creativity! Apa-apa pun just bare in mind that less is more, simplicity wins! So selamat bergaya Tejaa-ians semua! Nevertheless anda semua memang cantik in your own way! 💋@tejaacouture #tejaacouturecollection

*offer till 31st May 2014

2 flare skirts for only RM100 includes postage
*normal priceRM109/pc ( gambar i email kejap lagi)

3 pastel shalws for only RM100  includes postage
6 pastel shawls for only Rm180 includes postage
*normal price rm40/pc 

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