Share Your Love : Solidarity and Unity #MH17

Assalamualaikum and salam Aidilfitri to all,

Calling for solidarity and unity in this trying time of MH17, we are currently collecting donations for our fallen Malaysian heroes, co pilots of the ill fated MH17, First Officer Ahmad Hakimi Hanapi and First Officer Muhamad Firdaus Abdul Rahim to help ease the burden of their family.

Ahmad Hakimi left behind his wife, Sharifah Asmaa Alwee Aljuned, and 9 months old son Abderrahman, and Muhammad Firdaus left behind his pregnant wife Zarith.

Asmaa's Maybank account :

Nurzarith's Maybank account :

Any form of contribution is greatly appreciated, your kind and loving support for them is much needed, regardless of the amount! Lets share the love and support!


Sahabat Asmaa' dan Zarith


  1. Good job sis Jumie. Thank you. Tolong sampaikan salam kepada sis Asma n sis Zarith. Bagitahu yang they have our support and they are not alone...

  2. Sampaikan salam dya pada sis Asama ye

    dan maaf dya share info ini di FB DYA : NURUL NADIA ABD KUDUS.

    Mudah-mudahkan yang terbaik utk beliau dan anaknya..dya dan wanita diluar mendoakan kebahagiaan sis Asma

  3. hi jumie..thanks to you for your kindness. i would love to contribute.
    but is that a current acc or saving acc?
    just to inform u that when a lot of money coming in to the saving bank acc,the system will automatically blocked the account untill the owner report to the bank. it's easier if asmaa and zarith hv current acc,i think it should be no problem.this had happened to one of my friend when a friend of him spread the words in the net abt a donation.
    i'm sorry if this is a mistake. just to inform, nothing more than that. sampaikan pelukcium saya untuk asma your beautiful friend n abderrahman the cutest boy ever.

  4. Alhamdulillah...walaupon bkn ribuan ringgit sesungguhnya ia sedikit sebanyak dpt membantu kak asma and abderrahman...smpaikan slm pd kak asma n kiss for abderrahman...we are here and bear in yr mind that u are not alone..

  5. Sampaikan salam takziah kepada Asmaa sesungguh awak seorang kawan yang baik. Seseungguh Asmaa seorang isteri yg tabah

  6. InshaAllah akan tolong mana yang mampu..send my regards to Kak Asmaa and Kak Zarith..hugs n kisses to Abderrahman budak comel itu..

  7. Dear Jumie..

    Sekali sekala updatelah pasal Asmaa & Abderrahman.. I am sure thousands of people who keep praying for her would want to know a bit about her..
    To Asmaa, if Kimi was given his last chance to speak to you, he would want you to grieve for him but not for too long..he would want you to remember him and the memories together but not always.. only in your prayers.. he would want you to experience the goodness and bitterness of this life and tell everything to him in the afterlife..he would want you to shower Abderrahman with lots of love and attention the way you did to him.. he would always want you to remember that he had the best things in this world .. and most importantly..he would want you to always remember that he is in BETTER PLACE…
    Asma.. I don’t know you personally but I feel a sisterly love towards you.. I know even a sea of courageous words won’t heal your pain.. My prayers (and thousands of other prayers) always with you and Abderrahman..



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