Original Clarks Terus dari United Kingdom

Salam to all!!

Kasut-kasut dari UK Clark Sales dijamin original dan dibawa terus dari United Kingdom. Delivery time yang amat singkat iaitu less than 1 month dan anda akan dapat rekaan kasut / handbag terkini yang terkini terus dari UK.

Berikut adalah cara-cara mudah untuk membeli dengan pihak UK Clark Sales :

Step 1  : Choose your favourite item(s) 

Step 2  : PM me the following details:
  • Full name
  • Full delivery address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Item’s code/name
  • Item’s size
  • With or without box (box:RM25 each)

After we have received your order, we will send you an invoice within 2 days.

Step 3  : After receiving our invoice, please bank in or transfer the FULL payment (shoe’s price + postage) to our MAYBANK account within 2 days. If there is no reply from you, your order would be void without any further notice.

Step 4  : Once you have banked in the FULL payment, please send us an email which includes the transaction date, amount and bank name with the reference number.

Step 5  : Please wait for our final invoice and estimated delivery date.

** hurry up, all these shoes are based on availability.
***Postage via air and now we have 2 trips a monts to Malaysia (ETA mid and ETA end)

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Here some of the item on our CLARKS Mid Season SALES catalog. Feel free to visit our Facebook page for more items!

RM220 inc air postage n pos laju
code:milli dilly
L: 17cm W: 6cm H: 10.4cm

RM220 inc air postage n pos laju
code:milli dilly
L: 17cm W: 6cm H: 10.4cm

RM300 inc air postage n pos laju
code: angie kendra
material: leather

RM320 inc air postage n pos laju
code:brynn poppy

RM270 inc air postage n pos laju
code:arizona heat

RM260 inc air postage n pos laju
code:basil crimson tan

RM340 inc air postage n pos laju
code: anika kendra

RM260 inc air postage n pos laju
code: carousel ride beige
material: leather

RM310 inc air postage n pos laju
 code:frothy soda

RM395 inc air postage n pos laju
code:maxim top

Dear valued customer,
Please note the following Terms and conditions:
  • All orders are done in bulk,please place your order before the closing date. 

  • The more you buy the more you can save up on postage. 

  • All reservations is voided if no payment after 2 days

  • Items sold are non refundable, so please ensure it is the right size before placing your order.

  • Colours in the pictures might be little different from the actual products due to camera setting, photo edit or monitor setting - please ask if you are unsure of the colour.

  • Items are surely 100% authentic, new and in great condition (unless otherwise stated )

  • All orders will only be shipped once the order date is closed.Please leave a gap of 2-3 days after the closing, for delivery. We will notify the order progress from time to time.

  • A FULL payment or DEPOSIT including postage is required upon ordering

  • We accept payment through:
(Account number will be given during booking order)
  • We have assumed that you have read and agreed to our terms and conditions before placing orders with us
Happy shopping with us:)

Official Facebook Page  :  UK Clarks Sales

Official Instagram :  UK Clarks Sales

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